Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Moving TFS 2005 Collection to TFS 2013.3 – Plan, Execution & Lessons Learnt

Many organizations still use old platforms and they are reluctant to move to new platform with fear of failure in doing the move. But hanging onto older products would not give any benefit as well as it would eventually fail to meet the demands of the modern business and software development requirements. Visual Studio Team System 2005 (TFS 2005) is such old tool, but still people using it for the production work. Let’s have a look at steps taken to move a TFS 2005  as a collection into TFS 2013.3 (again this is not the latest version, but this client demand was to get it to 2013.3), and the thing to keep an eye on to avoid any issues in the move.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

TLS 1.2, PowerShell and Dynamics CRM with VSTS Release Management

PowerShell often used in tasks in VSTS release management. When accessing services authenticated via AAD (Azure Active Directory) it might require to use TLS 1.2 protocol, if it is configured to be required in AAD setup. Setting up the machine as per instructions here to allow TLS 1.2 may not work with PowerShell. In case you are accessing Dynamics CRM online with PowerShell using Microsoft.Xrm.Data.PowerShell in VSTS release management you might see this issue as  “[error]Get-CrmConnection : The pipeline has been stopped.”

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Trigger Release from PS in TFS 2015.2

Can you trigger a release in TFS 2015.2 from another release definition execution? Was the request from one of the teams. To fulfill this requirement, if you are using VSTS or TFS2017,  you can use the extension “VSTS Trigger” available in marketplace. But this is not usable in TFS 2015.2 as it does not have the Personal Access Token feature. The PowerShell script described in this post will let you trigger a release from another release.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Mistake in .sln Can Cause NuGet Restore Task in Build to Fail and Hide the Real Issue

NuGet packages are very commonly used in VS Development. Using build VSTS task NuGet Restore is general practice of downloading packages while doing the automated builds. Today suddenly a team ran into the same issue described here https://developercommunity.visualstudio.com/content/problem/97737/error-da-toolnuget400x64nugetexe-failed-with-retur.html. Let’s have a look at the real issue caused this error in this particular teams’ instance and how it was found and resolved.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Setting Quality Profile via VSTS/TFS Build for SonarQube

Sonar analysis helps to identify the technical debt in the source code of your project. Running it integrated with VSTS or TFS builds add more value by automating the quality checks with sonar server. You can define your own custom Quality Profile to analyze your source code with selected set of rules. Let’s look at how you can specify the Quality Profile with the TFS/VSTS build task, that can be used to automate scanning of your code, when using the SonarQube extension in the visual studio marketplace.